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Warm Reminder for Residents

Greetings from Jockey Club Student Village III! We would like to provide with you some warm reminders upon your move-in. Please read carefully.
1. Please make sure you have your room key and smart card (for air-conditioning and laundry) on your hand. For the use of smart card for laundry, please refer to the user guide in the laundry rooms (29/F in Shun Hing College and Chi Sun College; 26/F in Lap-Chee College and New College). The user guide of air-conditioning is posted in the lift lobby of each College. You may add value (HK$10 or its multiples) to your Smart Card by using the Smart Card Add Value Machine located next to the printer outside the General Office. No changes will be available or returned by the machine. However, please note that the remaining balance of smart card are non-refundable in all circumstances, including return of cards upon check-out and loss and/or replacement of cards.
2. Please remember to bring along your room key with you whenever you leave your room. The room doors are locked when closed, and should be opened with a room key. You may borrow your room key for door opening at the security counter of your College if you forget to bring it. An administration fee of HK$20 will be charged each time the key is borrowed.

Please return the following forms to the security counter of your College within 3 days after the check-in:

  • Student Personal Information Form
  • Room Condition Checklist
  • Maintenance Report Form

In order to eliminate false alarm, which will cause disturbance to other residents in Jockey Club Student Village III, please DO NOT do the followings:

  • Ignite candle and aroma
  • Use pest fumigator
  • Pan frying, stir frying, deep frying or unattended cooking (including use of microwave oven) in the lounge, cooking in the bedroom
  • Play ball game near the area where sprinklers, detectors and break glass units are equipped
  • Smoke in any area of the premises
5. Please safeguard your personal belongings. You may use a padlock to lock your valuables inside the drawer.
6. For students living in double rooms, the “A” side of bed is on the left hand side when you look at the room from the door, while the “B” side of bed is on the right hand side. At all times during the residence period, students shall only occupy the side of bed (bed A or bed B) assigned to them. All items left at a side of bed which is not assigned to any student may be removed during room cleaning work without prior notice.
7. No item including posters and hooks shall be stuck on the wall or wardrobe inside the room so as to avoid destruction to the wall paints or facilities. Charges may be applied for any such destruction. Please refer to Appendix II of Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III for the charges.

Visitors are only allowed to stay in Jockey Club Student Village III between 09:00 and 23:00. No entrance of visitors is allowed after 22:30.

9. General Office will only collect mail items (including registered mails) and non-perishable parcels which are deemed to be NOT exceeding the following criteria:


– 30cm in any dimension
– 1kg in weight
– HK$500 in estimated cost

(Note: For items which are perishable or exceed any of the above criteria, residents should contact the couriers and collect them in person. DO NOT ask the courier to leave your mail items at / outside the G/F Main Entrance. Any mail items found in these areas will be discarded without prior notifications.)

Non-registered mail items will be put into the pigeon holes (located in the lift lobby of each College) according to the room number written on the mail. [Note: General Office will not be responsible for any possible loss of the mails delivered to the pigeon holes]
Registered mails or parcels will be received by our office. A collection memo will be delivered to your pigeon hole as notification and for collection of the mail item.

10. Student invoice of the first semester lodging fee will be issued by the Finance and Enterprises Office in around late September to early October. Payment instructions are enclosed at the back page of invoice, which will be sent to your HKU Portal. Details of second semester lodging fee payment will be provided via email in due course.
 11. Any residents found trespassing Kwun Lung Lau, a private property adjacent to our student village, will face immediate suspension. Please refer to https://bit.ly/jockeyv3_kll_notice  for the notice.
 12. Please refer to https://jockeyv3.hku.hk/?page_id=877 for the Regulations Governing Jockey Club Student Village III (“Regulations”) and https://jockeyv3.hku.hk/?page_id=861 for the Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III (“Management Rules”). Students are advised to read both documents carefully.
13. Please refer to https://jockeyv3.hku.hk/?page_id=910 for the Important Check-in Notes (which we have sent out via e-mail) and https://jockeyv3.hku.hk/?page_id=905 for the FAQs in order to be more familiar with Jockey Club Student Village III.

(Last Revised: August 2023)

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