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Organizational Structure

Each of the four Residential Colleges in Jockey Club Student Village III is headed by the College Master.


Tutorial Team

Each College Master is assisted by a team of live-in tutorial staff comprises Senior Resident Tutors, Resident Tutors and Junior Resident Tutors on the promotion of the intellectual development of students, pastoral duties and admission of residential members of the College.

Students may contact respective Colleges for matters concerning:

  • Application for residential membership during regular terms
  • Pastoral care matters, e.g. adaptation issues, conflicts among residents, etc.
  • Events/ Functions of the College; High Table Dinners

Shun Hing Collegeshunhingcollege@hku.hk
Chi Sun Collegechisuncollege@hku.hk
Lap-Chee Collegelapcheecollege@hku.hk
New Collegenewcollege@hku.hk


General Office

The General Office, led by the Senior Site Manager, assists the College Masters on the overall administration and daily operations of the Student Village.

Residents may consult General Office for matters including but not limited to:

  • Repair and maintenance of facilities
  • Check-in/ check-out procedures
  • Payments of lodging fees
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services
  • Security Services
  • Application for residence during summer vacation

Please click HERE for the contact details of General Office.



Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees the Residential Colleges and formulate policies governing the Residential Colleges for approval by the Committee on Student Affairs.

Membership of Governance Committee

  • Chairman, appointed by the Senate from among senior academic staff of the University
  • Two Masters of the Residential Colleges
  • Dean of Graduate School (ex-officio)
  • Dean of Student Affairs (ex-officio)
  • One member, from amongst professoriate and non-professoriate teaching staff of the University, appointed by the Senate
  • One community leader, appointed by the Senate
  • One undergraduate and one postgraduate student from the residents of the residential colleges nominated by the Residential Colleges


Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committees of each of the Colleges aim to advise the Colleges on the overall direction and development, as well as to assist the Colleges to establish effective networks and mobilize resources to achieve the Colleges’ aims.

Membership of Advisory Committee

  • A member nominated by the donor of Endowment Fund
  • Master of the Residential College (ex-officio)
  • Two community members
  • An academic staff at the grade of assistant professor or above from the University
  • A staff of the Residential College amongst Deputy Master/Senior Resident Tutor/Resident Tutor
  • One undergraduate and one postgraduate student from the residents of the Residential College nominated by the students of the Residential College