Jockey Club Student Village III

Residential Colleges form part of a proud tradition at The University of Hong Kong.

Sited on Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town, the Village was named after The Hong Kong Jockey Club in recognition of a donation of HK$108.25 million from the Club’s Charities Trust. Its four Residential Colleges are now home to 1,800 students, and are committed to contributing to society both locally and worldwide.

Each College is a home for students’ intellectual development as well as their social and cultural growth. In this community of young intellectuals, students learn about the world, about others, and most of all about themselves.
At The Jockey Club Student Village III, 1,800 students from 56 countries live together and learn from one another. Here, dynamic cross-cultural experiences take place, visions and ideals are nurtured, and friendships are built for life.