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The following shows the basic features in the Colleges.  For details of individual facilities in each College, please refer to their own websites.

Student Rooms:

College Single Room Double Accessible Room
Room Place
Shun Hing College 304 85 170 9 483
Chi Sun College 304 85 170 9 483
Lap-Chee College 52 178 356 9 417
New College 54 177 354 9 417
Total number of places = 1800

Each single room is about 8 sq.m, while double room is about 15 sq.m. All rooms are furnished with beds, wardrobes, writing desks with lamps, chairs and bookshelves. Also, rooms are connected to the HKU Campus Network with data ports for internet access.


Laundry and air-conditioning services are operated by a ‘pre-paid smartcard’ device.

Each floor has a communal pantry equipped with hot and cold drinking water supply, hot plates, microwave oven, refrigerator and television. There are communal washrooms and shower stalls on each floor as well.


The College Hall is a shared facility among all Colleges for communal events like High Tables and other social activities.