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Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III

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In this Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III, unless otherwise stated-

1.1.  “The Student Village” refers to the premises of Jockey Club Student Village III of the University of Hong Kong and its boundary.

1.2.  “College(s)” refers to the College(s), i.e. Shun Hing College, Chi Sun College, Lap-Chee College and New College at The Student Village.

1.3.  “College Management” refers to Masters, Deputy Masters, Senior Resident Tutors, Senior Site Manager, Site Manager and/or their designates.

1.4.  “General Office” refers to the General Office of Jockey Club Student Village III.

1.5.  “Resident” includes student who are admitted as residential members of Jockey Club Student Village III, residential staff and their family members, guest of the University of Hong Kong who are normally or temporarily residing in College(s).

1.6.  “Visitor” includes all persons visiting College(s), who are escorted by a resident.

2.1.  Smartcards are issued to residents for using air-conditioning inside the bedroom and laundry facilities.

2.2.  All values of smartcards are non-refundable in all circumstances, including return of cards upon check-out and loss and/or replacement of cards.

2.3.  Residents who lose the smartcard shall report to General Office for replacement. Admin charge as shown in Appendix I applies.

2.4.  Any charges paid for smartcard replacement is non-refundable in all circumstances.

2.5.  Smartcards must be returned to General Office upon check-out.

Room Keys
3.1.  Residents must keep their assigned keys safe.  Transfer of keys is strictly prohibited.

3.2.  Duplication of key or holding multiple keys is strictly prohibited.

3.3.  Assigned keys with attached key tags must be returned to General Office when residents move out from the College.

3.4.  Charges would be incurred to a resident in case of:

Ÿ   Loss of key and/or key tag

Ÿ   Borrowing of room key at the Security Counter

Ÿ   Malfunction of key upon return (i.e. replacement of key is needed)

3.5.  For residents losing the key or when the key is broken/ malfunction for any reason, they shall report immediately to General Office and go through the key replacement procedure. Admin charge as shown in Appendix I applies.

3.6.  Any charges paid for key replacement is non-refundable in all circumstances.

Access Control
4.1  For security reason, students are required to use their Student Card for gaining access to Jockey Club Student Village III. The Student Card is not transferable.

4.2  Students who forget to bring their Student Card for access to the Colleges are required to fill in a “Resident Entry Permission Record” before gaining access.

4.3  Students and visitors may be asked by the College Management and/or staff of the Student Village including Resident Tutors and security guards to present their HKU Student Card or any documents of identification for identity checking when necessary. Any resident or visitor who fails to comply with this may be refused entry into the Student Village, or may be asked to leave the Student Village. Students who lose their Student Card shall report immediately to HKU Registry for replacement. For more information, please refer to the web-site of Academic Support and Examinations Section of Registry (http://www.ase.hku.hk/ -> Guidelines and Forms -> Student Registration Student Records and Student Registration Cards -> Application Form for Replacement of Student Registration Card).

Inspection of Student Rooms
Staff at the Student Village may enter residents’ rooms for repair and maintenance, inspection of facilities or other purposes which is deemed necessary by the College Management. Prior notice may not be given. A memo would be issued to students for reference in case the inspection is conducted without their presence.
Respect for Other Residents
6.1  Actions or behaviors which may interfere with other residents’ right to privacy, time to study and rest, or normal use of facilities in the Student Village should be avoided.

6.2  Residents should not enter the bedrooms of other residents without getting consent.

6.3  Residents should not behave in any manner which is considered improper in any circumstance.

6.4  Residents should be properly attired in common areas of the Student Village at all times.

Change of Room
7.1.  Request of room change is not considered in normal circumstances. Residents who have genuine need to change room during the year must consult their Resident Tutor and the request would be duly considered by the College Master.

7.2.  Changing rooms without prior approval from College Master is not allowed, and is subject to disciplinary actions.

Quiet Hours and Noise Level
8.1.  The Quiet Hours of the Student Village is from 23:00 to 08:00 of the next day.  Students should avoid creating noise in any parts of the Student Village, including the podium level and area outside the entrance of the Student Village within Quiet Hours.

8.2.  Quiet Hours would be extended to 24 hours a day during study and examination periods.

8.3.  At all times, residents should keep their noise level reasonable so as not to cause nuisance to neighbors and fellow residents.

Visitation to Other Residence Floors
From 00:00 midnight to 08:00 daily, residents should not enter or stay in other residence floors/ rooms other than the floor/ room they reside in.
Personal Properties
10.1.  Residents are responsible for their personal properties. To minimize chances of theft, please keep personal belongings in safe places; always lock the room door when going out.  The Colleges are not responsible for any loss of personal properties.

10.2.  Hallways, walkways and stairs should be kept clear of furniture, trash and any other objects, so as not to obstruct passage and therefore escape routes during emergencies. Any items found in the hallways, walkways and stairs may be removed without prior notice.

Public Properties
11.1.  Residents shall not remove any furniture, fitting, fixture or facilities provided for use in the Student Village without prior approval of the College Management.

11.2.  Residents should not deface, defile or otherwise damage any wall or any structure of any kind, or any furniture, fitting, fixture or facility provided for use in the Student Village, or install any new utility or fitting without prior approval from the College Management.  Residents who fail to comply with this clause shall be subject to fines imposed by the College Management.

12.1.  All visitors must be hosted and accompanied by a resident during the visit, and complete the registration procedures upon arrival and departure.

12.2.  The host resident should leave their Student Cards at the college security counter during the visitors’ visit, and collect the Student Cards in person when the visitors sign-out.

12.3.  Visitors shall observe the Rules and Regulations.  Any visitor who fails to comply with the Rules and Regulations is subject to blacklisting and refused entry into the Student Village.

12.4.  Visitors may visit the Student Village between 09:00 and 23:00.  No entrance of visitors is allowed after 22:30.

12.5.  Visitors who stay after 00:00 shall be regarded as staying overnight, and subject to fines and disciplinary actions by the College Management.

12.6.  Residents who invite visitors to the College shall accompany them during their visit, and shall be responsible for their conduct and any charges incurred by them.

Electrical Appliances
13.1.  Only light electrical appliances intended for necessary personal care purposes may be used in the residents’ rooms and should be properly maintained.

13.2.  Without prior approval of the College Management, electrical appliances which are greater than 1 metre in length, width and height in total, refrigerators of any size, heaters, ovens or microwave ovens are not allowed to be brought into the Student Village.

13.3.  The College Management may confiscate any appliances or items which are not allowed to be brought into the Student Village, or any equipment used in such a way that may disturb or endanger others.

13.4.  Residents shall make their best effort to help save energy in the Student Village.

Safety Matters
14.1.  Cooking in the Student Village is prohibited except in the lounges and other areas as authorized by the College Management.

14.2.  Unattended cooking is strictly prohibited at all times.

14.3.  Possession of chemicals, explosives or highly combustible materials that are potentially dangerous or damaging is prohibited.

14.4.  Open flames, including candles and incense, are prohibited in any part of the Student Village.

14.5.  Interference of fire service devices is prohibited.

14.6.  According to the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance, all corridors, lift lobbies and stairwells must always be kept clear from any obstructions. Any personal object found may be removed by staff of the Student Village without prior notice.

14.7.  In order to avoid creating a hazardous environment which may endanger the well-being of residents and other users, it is prohibited to place any personal belongings in the corridors, lift lobbies, stairwells or other communal areas. Residents may be liable to penalties and/or claims of any accident which are caused by any of the personal items being placed in such areas.

Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling
15.1.  According to the University’s policy on smoking, smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the Student Village.

15.2.  Residents and their visitors shall not bring into or use any dangerous drugs as defined in Section 2 of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Cap. 134, Laws of Hong Kong) in the Student Village.

15.3.  Consumption or storage of alcoholic beverages without prior approval of the College Management is not allowed.

It is the residents’ responsibility to keep their rooms clean and tidy.  Residents are also required to maintain their rooms in a safe and healthy condition at all times.  Some cleaning equipment is available in the lounges to facilitate cleaning by residents inside their rooms.
Commercial/ Promotion Activities
17.1.  Commercial promotions and activities are prohibited in the Student Village.  Sale of any goods or services in the Student Village is not allowed without prior approval of the College Management.

17.2.  Distribution of promotional items to the pigeon holes is prohibited without prior approval of the College Management.

17.3.  Only posters with the stamp of General Office may be placed in those areas designated for posting.

Pets are not allowed in the Student Village.
Withdrawal from Residence During the Residential Year
19.1.  Students withdrawing from the College during the stipulated residential period should give not less than 7 days’ notice to the College via General Office.

19.2.  Students withdrawing from the College must return the door key with key tag together with the smartcard to the Security Counter of the respective College by 12:00 on the departure date.

19.3.  Students who have vacated the bedroom but still holding the room key and/or smartcard would still be considered occupying the room.

19.4.  Students would be charged for the loss or damage of the smartcard, door key and/or key tag upon check-out. For more details, please refer to Appendix I.

19.5.  No refund (or remission) of charges paid (or due) would be made as a result of the withdrawal.

20.1.  Residents shall remove all stickers and decorations and completely vacate the room in an orderly condition before check-out.

20.2.  Any items left inside the room after check-out would be removed immediately.

20.3.  In order to claim the items left inside the room after check-out, residents shall claim back their belongings within 3 working days after check-out. Admin charge of HK$300 would be applied for each claim. Any unclaimed items after 3 working days shall be disposed without prior notification. Jockey Club Student Village III is not responsible for the loss or damage of such items.

20.4.  Residents are responsible for checking and clearing their pigeon hole for any correspondence left before withdrawal.

Consideration for Neighborhood
21.1.  Noise level in the vicinity of the Student Village should be kept reasonable at all times and be lowered after nightfall.

21.2.  The Kwun Lung Lau complex located next to the Student Village is private property. Trespassing is forbidden, and is subject to disciplinary actions including but not limited to suspension of residency. Residents should always use Smithfield Road to travel to and from the Student Village.

(Last Revised: May 2021)

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