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Important Check-in Notes

1 General Information
  1.1  The four colleges in this Village i.e. Shun Hing College; Chi Sun College; Lap-Chee College and New College are run independently though they are all administered by the same General Office.
  1.2  Office Hours of General Office (Located on the Podium Level [4/F], next to Chi Sun College):

Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 to 18:00
Saturdays, Sundays, University holidays & Public holidays: Closed

  1.3  For travel directions to the Student Village, please CLICK HERE (for reference only).
2 Checkin Arrangement
  2.1  Within Office Hours of General Office, students may come to the Check-in Counters located on the podium level (4/F) for registration and collection of your room keys and smart cards. For Non-local students who need to check-in outside office hours because of flight/ train schedule, please make a request to General Office at least three working days before the arrival date for special arrangements.
  2.2  Students must present valid identification documents for check-in.
    2.2.1  Current Students must present HKU Student Card.
    2.2.2  New Non-local Students must present Passport with valid Student Visa and Faculty’s or Graduate School’s Notice of Admission Letter.
    2.2.3  New Local Students (Undergraduates and Postgraduates) must present HKU Student Card OR HKID Card OR Faculty’s or Graduate School’s Notice of Admission Letter.
  2.3  A certain amount of money (HK$1000-$2000) is recommended when arriving in HK for transportation and housekeeping items like pillows, pillow cases, bed sheets, simple food, daily necessities, stationery items, etc.
  2.4  Currency exchange service is provided in the HK International Airport and Hung Hom Railway Station.
3 Personal Items
  You will need to prepare for the following personal items:
  3.1  Two to three padlocks for personal storage.
  3.2  Pillows, bedspread and quilts for personal use.
    3.2.1  Bed size in Double (CORNER) Rooms: ~ 2130mmL x 914mmW (7’L x 3’W)
    3.2.2  Bed size in Double Rooms and Single Rooms: ~ 1900mmL x 914mmW (6’3’’L x 3’W)
    3.2.3  Loan of beddings is not available.
  3.3  Jockey Club Student Village III does not receive shipment for students before their arrival as storage service is not available.
4 Fees and Charges
  4.1  Lodging Fees
    4.1.1  The total amount of fees payable will be notified by General Office together with the admission offer.
    4.1.2  The lodging charge covers special functions such as High Table Dinners, but does not cover electricity consumption for air-conditioning in the student bedrooms and usage of laundry facilities, which should be paid separately by students using stored-value card.
    4.1.3  Lodging fees are charged in TWO installments. The first one covers the first semester of the residential year (until 31 December, inclusive), while the second one covers from 1 January of subsequent calendar year until the residential year end.
    4.1.4  Debit note of lodging fee will be issued to students via HKU Portal.
    4.1.5  The rates of lodging charges are reviewed annually and may be varied at the University’s absolute discretion.
  4.2  Other Charges
    4.2.1  Please refer to Appendix I of the “Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III”.
5 Room Keys
  5.1  Room keys are issued to residents upon check-in without deposit needed.
  5.2  Residents are advised to bring their keys along with them whenever they leave the room.
6 Smartcards
  6.1  Smartcards are issued to residents upon check-in without deposit needed. The smartcard is used to pay for air-conditioning inside the bedroom and laundry facilities.
  6.2  The smartcard can be recharged at the add value machine located opposite to the General Office Help Desk. The minimum value for each recharge is HK$10. All values of smartcards are non-refundable.
7 Facilities for Students
  Apart from the room and/or bed space assigned to a student, there are other areas and facilities that students have access to.
  7.1  Lounge
    7.1.1  A lounge equipped with hot and cold drinking water, hot plates, microwave oven, refrigerator and television is located on each student floor.
    7.1.2  Residents may reheat food in the lounge. Cooking is not allowed in any other areas in the Student Village without prior approval.
  7.2  Washrooms and Shower Stalls
    7.2.1  There are four toilet stalls and four shower stalls in the washroom on each student floor.
  7.3  Laundry
    7.3.1  There is a laundry room in each college (29/F for Shun Hing College and Chi Sun College and 26/F for Lap-Chee College and New College). The washing and drying machines are operated by the Smartcards.
  7.4  Function rooms
    7.4.1  Each College also has a number of function rooms to support student activities. Please approach your College’s tutorial staff for details.
  7.5  Xerox Machine
    7.5.1  There is one uPrint photocopying machine outside the General Office for students.
8 Internet
  8.1  Wired LAN hubs for access to University Network are available in each student bedroom.
  8.2  The “HKU” and “WiFi.HK via HKU” WiFi services are available on resident floors.
  8.3  Students are required to register the network card address before connecting to the campus network under HKU Portal (http://hkuportal.hku.hk). After logging in, choose Campus Information Services=> Central IT Services => Register Network Cards. The registration will take 10 minutes to take effect. Each student can register up to 5 network cards.
  8.4 Students may visit Information Technology Services website at https://its.hku.hk/students/ for details.
9 Mail Service
  9.1  Incoming mails should be addressed as follows:
    (Full Name of the Resident)
 Room (Number + A/B[if applicable]), (Name of College)
Jockey Club Student Village III, The University of Hong Kong,
9 Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
  9.2  The following mail items will be returned to the Post Office or responsible courier:
    9.2.1  Mail items without names or proper room numbers written on them.
    9.2.2  Mail items which are not addressing our current residents (including residents who have checked-out).
  9.3  Mail items received will be put into the respective pigeon holes located in 4/F (in the lift lobby of each College) according to the mail addresses and room numbers written on them.
  9.4  General Office will collect mail items (including registered mails) and non-perishable parcels which are deemed to be NOT exceeding the following criteria:

– 30cm in any dimension

– 1kg in weight

– HK$500 in estimated cost

(Note: For items which are perishable or exceed any of the above criteria, residents should contact the couriers and collect them in person. DO NOT ask the courier to leave your mail items at / outside the G/F Main Entrance. Any mail items found in these areas will be discarded without prior notifications.)

  9.5  In case of room change/ relocation, residents should inform their service providers about their change of address to avoid any loss of mail items. Students may request a new address proof when necessary.
10 Telephone
  10.1  When necessary, students may use the telephone at the security counter to make brief local calls.
  10.2  For external phone calls, dial “9”, followed by the phone number of your intended call.
  10.3  There is no provision of telephone in student bedrooms and lounges.
11 Health Service
  Residents may visit the website of University Health Service at http://www.uhs.hku.hk/index.html for more details.
12 Banking Service
  There are two banks (HSBC and Bank of East Asia) located at the Main Campus. They are open during normal banking hours. ATMs are also available outside banking hours. Other banks with retail services are located nearby in Kennedy Town.
13 Lost and Found
  13.1  Any lost and found items shall be passed to General Office during office hours, or the security counters beyond office hours.
  13.2  A list of lost and found items is posted on the wall next to General Office Help Desk and will be updated regularly.
  13.3  All items found will be kept by General Office for a maximum of 1 month before they are handled according to the lost and found procedures, which is posted on the wall next to General Office Help Desk.
14 Repair and Maintenance Matters
  All defect items inside student rooms or in communal areas of the Student Village shall be reported to the security counter of respective College by filling in the Maintenance Report Form.
15 Contact
  During office hours, residents may approach the General Office Help Desk directly or contact us at (852) 3917-1419 for assistance. For emergencies, you may approach the security counters of respective Colleges at podium level in person or call the counters at the following numbers:


College Phone Number
Shun Hing College (852) 3917-1401
Chi Sun College (852) 3917-1410
Lap-Chee College (852) 3917-1425
New College (852) 3917-1434

(Last Revised: August 2023)

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