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Part A: Basic Information or General Enquiries
1. What is the office hours of the General Office?
Mondays to Fridays 09:00 – 18:00
Saturdays, Sundays, Public and University Holidays Closed
2. What is the postal address of Jockey Club Student Village III?
(Full English Name of the Resident)Room (Number + A/B [if applicable]), (Name of the College)

Jockey Club Student Village III,

The University of Hong Kong,

9 Lung Wah Street,

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

3. How do I receive my letters or parcels?
The non-registered mail items received by General Office will be delivered into the pigeon holes of respective room numbers which are located at 4/F lift lobby of each College.

For registered mails and parcels, a memo will be put into respective pigeon holes to inform students. Students can claim the registered mails and parcels at the Help Desk of the General Office with their student cards.

For bulky or other mail items which have not been successfully delivered, a notification card from Hongkong Post will be put into respective pigeon holes to inform students. Students can claim the mail items at Post Office as stated on the notification card.

4. Is there any limitation of parcels collected for residents by the General Office?
General Office will receive mail items (including registered mails) and non-perishable parcels which are deemed to be NOT exceeding the following criteria:

–       30cm in any dimension

–       1kg in weight

–       HK$500 in an estimated cost

5. Is the room assigned permanent?
The room assignment is subject to the arrangement of the respective College of your current accommodation. Under normal circumstance, the assigned room will remain unchanged throughout each residential year. In case of any changes made after room assignment, separate notice will be given to the affected residents via e-mail.

Relocation may be taken place during summer (the period between two residential years), when residents were admitted to stay in the College during summer.

6. Is it possible for me to change room if I have sought the consent from other residents?
In normal circumstance, request of room change will not be entertained. Students shall talk to their Resident Tutor should they have genuine needs of room change, and the request will be duly considered by the College Master.

Changing rooms without prior approval from College Master is not allowed. Residents who change rooms without prior approval are subject to disciplinary action.

7. When do I need to pay for the lodging fee?
Debit notes of the first and second installments of the lodging fee will be issued to you separately in the first and second semester. After the commencement of your residential period, you can find the related e-mail notice in the Student Portal of HKU. Please settle the amount by the mentioned due date printed on your debit notes. For the instruction of lodging fee payment, more details will be sent to you. Copies are also available at General Office.
Part B: Enquiries about Hardware or Facilities of Jockey Club Student Village III
8. What is the size and facilities of single and double rooms?
Each single room is about 7.5 square metres, while double room is about 15 square metres. All rooms are furnished with beds, wardrobes, writing desks with lamps, chairs and bookshelves.
9. How can I connect to the Internet? Do I need any password to gain access?
The “HKU” and “WiFi.HK via HKU” WiFi services are available throughout Jockey Club Student Village III. University staff and students can use the “HKU” WiFi service with their HKU Portal accounts. “WiFi.HK via HKU” is the network for visitors that required no login and configuration.

LAN ports are provided inside the rooms. You are recommended to use a Cat. 6 or above LAN cable and required to register your network card address before connecting to the campus network under HKU Portal. Please refer to Point 8 “Internet” in the Important Check-in Notes for details.

10. What are the other facilities in Jockey Club Student Village III?
Laundry and air-conditioning services are operated by a ‘pre-paid smartcard’ device. Laundry Rooms are located on 29/F of Shun Hing College and Chi Sun College and 26/F of Lap-Chee College and New College. Washers and dryers are equipped in the laundry floors.

Each floor has a lounge equipped with hot and cold drinking water fountain, induction cookers, microwave oven, refrigerator and television. There are communal washrooms and shower stalls on each floor.

11 Are there any cooking facilities and utensils in the lounge?
Two induction cookers and a microwave oven are equipped in the lounges while cooking utensils are self-prepared. Induction cookers and microwave oven should be cleaned and placed in the original position by residents after use. You may do LIGHT cooking in the lounge only.
12. Where is the cafeteria in Jockey Club Student Village III? Where can I buy meals and daily necessities?
Dining service is not available at Jockey Club Student Village III for the time being. You may dine at the canteens in the University. You may also choose to walk downtown along Smithfield for about 10 minutes and there are restaurants with different cuisines.
13. How much will be charged if I use the air-conditioning for one night? Is it hourly charged?
Air-conditioning is charged per each KwH consumed instead of an hourly basis. The cost of air-conditioning for one night would depend on the temperature you set as well as the outside temperature. You can adjust the temperature which you feel comfortable.
14. Can I bring electrical appliances to my room or in the lounge?
Only light electrical appliances intended for necessary personal care purposes may be used in the residents’ rooms and should be properly maintained. Without prior approval of the College Management, electrical appliances which greater than 1 metre in length, width and height in total, are NOT allowed.

In normal circumstances, students may use their hair dryers, but larger appliances such as fridge, washing machines and heaters are not allowed.

For more details, please refer to item 13 (Electrical Appliances) of the Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III.

Students are suggested to make their best effort to help save energy in the Student Village.

15. Are there any ATM machines nearby?
Below are some of the banks you can find nearby. You can check the websites for the location of the branches:

HSBC: http://www.hsbc.com.hk/1/2/hk/branchnetwork

Hang Seng Bank: http://bank.hangseng.com/1/2/contact-us/branch-addresses

Bank of China: http://www.bochk.com/en/branch.html

Bank of East Asia: http://www.hkbea.com/html/en/branches_main.html

16. Can I put magnets or write on the ‘notice board’ with markers?
Yes, you can use white board markers to write on the notice board. If you want to remove something on it, please use a clean tissue, towel or cloth. Please do not hold for a long time if you want to clear those useless things on the board. The longer is the time, the harder is the cleaning work.
17. Is there any vacuum cleaner?
  There is no vacuum cleaner equipped in JCSVIII for students’ use. Instead, cleaning tools like sweeps, mops and buckets are provided in the lounge on each floor. If you need to borrow these cleaning tools, you can ask our Hall Attendants for one and return to them after using.
18. How to use the washers and dryer?
  You may refer to the instructions or operation manuals of washing machines and dryers posted on the wall in laundry floors next to the smart meters.
19. Is printing service available in Jockey Club Student Village III?
  A printer equipped with uPrint Service is equipped at the podium level.
20. Are there any gymnasium rooms nearby? Will I be able to use the gym service outside the hall?
  There is a government indoor sports centre (Address: 4/F, Smithfield Municipal Services Building, 12K Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong). You can browse the website for the map of the sports centre.


Part C: Operational Matters and Other Enquiries
21. Do I need to pay any deposits for room key and smartcard?
  No deposit will be charged on the room key and smartcard. However, charges/ penalties would be incurred in case of any loss/ damage of keys or smartcards.
22. Is there any value in the smartcard? How can I add value to it?
  There is no initial value in the smartcards when distributed to students upon check-in. The smartcards can be recharged using the add-value machine located opposite to the General Office Help Desk. The minimum recharge amount is HK$10. All values inside the smartcards are non-refundable.
23. How can I check the balance of my smartcard?
  You can check the balance of your smartcard by using the add-value machine or swiping your card on the smart card reader in your room or the laundry rooms WITHOUT pressing any button.
24. How can I access to my College?
  All student residents are required to swipe their Student Cards to the card readers at the Podium Entrance and Security Counter for gaining access to the College and residence verification. Students who forget to bring or lost their Student Cards shall gain access by verification at the Security Counter.
25. Do I need to sign up when visiting friends in other Colleges?
  Yes. You are regarded as a visitor of other Colleges and you are only allowed to stay in different Colleges between 09:00 and 23:00. No entrance of visitors is allowed after 22:30.

Visitor who stays after 00:00 shall be regarded as staying overnight, and subject to fines and disciplinary actions by the individual College, which may include termination of resident membership of the College.

For more details, please refer to item 12 (Visitors) of the Management Rules of Jockey Club Student Village III.

NOTE: Visitations may be suspended at the College Management’s absolute discretion for reasons related to security, health or safety (e.g. during the times of inclement weather, epidemic/ pandemic, etc.)

26. Are there any guest rooms in Jockey Club Student Village III? If not, can my friend stay overnight with me?
  Guestrooms are NOT available in Jockey Club Student Village III, and visitors are not allowed to stay overnight.

You may refer to this link for information and reservation of hotels and hostels nearby HKU: http://cedars.hku.hk/residences/nonlocalhousing/listofhostels.pdf

27. Where do I buy bed linen and bed sheet? What size of bed sheet should I choose?
  There are various nearby shops in Kennedy Town which you could purchase beddings.

There are two sizes of beds. The bed size of the double (corner) room is 2130mm (length) x 914mm (width) (7’L x 3’W). For double and single rooms, they are 1900mm (length) x 914mm (width) (6’3’’L x 3’W).

(Last Revised: August 2023)

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