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Other Charges and Fines

Charges and Fines – Jockey Club Student Village III

The charges and fines that apply to activities and misdemeanors in Jockey Club Student Village III are listed as follows. Such charges and fines are subject to reviews and adjustments by the College Management as deemed necessary.






1. Door Key
          1.1. Replacement of lost/ damaged key 100
          1.2. Borrowing spare room key (Borrowed keys should be returned right after use) 20/time
          1.3. Replacement of key tag 30
2. Smartcard (For laundry and air-conditioning)
          2.1. Recharge (using add value machine located opposite to General Office Help Desk, non-refundable) 10 up
          2.2. Replacement of lost/ damaged Smartcard (without value inside) 50
3. Loss of Visitor Card 10
4. Admin Charge for claiming items left inside room after check-out 300
PAID WITH SMARTCARD (Rechargeable at Add Value Machine opposite to General Office Help Desk)
5. Laundry
          5.1. Washer per load 5
          5.2. Dryer (per 10 minutes) 2
6. Air-conditioning (per 1kwh) 2.31 (w.e.f. 1 Jan 2023)

Other Charges for Damage or Loss of Facilities

A resident would be charged for damaged or lost facilities (except for normal wear and tear). Any items left behind may be disposed of as rubbish at the prevailing charge. Charges listed below, while not meant to be exhaustive, help to illustrate the charges for some damaged or lost items. Damage or loss of other facilities not listed below may be charged at cost. The College Management reserves the right to revise those charges from time to time as deemed necessary. Revised charges would be announced to the residents.


No. Item Charges
Bedroom Furniture & Fittings 睡房傢俱及裝置
Bed Set床
1. Drawers 抽屜 200
2. Bedside Cabinet 床頭櫃 700
3. Mattress 床墊 (3’ x 6’3” x 3”) 450
4. Mattress 床墊 (3’ x 7’ x 3”) 500
Desk Set書桌
5. Drawers Pedestal 直立式三桶抽屜 800
6. Hanging Bookshelf 掛牆書架 800
7. Chair 椅子 700
8. Notice Board 告示板 200
9. Door 櫃門 500
10. Drawers 抽屜 200
11. Door Handle 櫃門把手 50
12. Clothes Hanging Bar 掛衣杆 100
13. Mirror 鏡子 200
14. Glass (Per Piece) 玻璃(每塊) 250
15. Mosquito-Repellent Screen 蚊網 150
16. Curtain (Single Room) 窗簾 (單人房) 470
17. Curtain (Double Room) 窗簾 (雙人房) 940
Electrical Fittings電力裝置
18. Fluorescent Lamp 光管 20
19. Desk-top Light Shade 書桌燈罩 60
20. Smart Card Reader 智能卡讀卡機 300
21. Electric Switch 電掣 100
22. Main Door 房門 1800
23. Door Lock 房門門鎖 500
24. Door Key 房門鎖匙 100
Miscellaneous 其他
25. Mark or Damage to Wall / Ceiling / Door


50 per sq. inch

(Last Updated: May 2019)

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