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Lap-Chee College Rules and Regulations

(IMPORTANT: Residents of Lap-Chee College are required to signify acceptance of the following “Lap-Chee College Rules and Regulations” HERE.)

I shall…

1. Check in personally with my own student card and in no circumstance shall I give my card to anyone else with the purpose of entering the premises of the college.

2. Only bring visitors or guests during the stipulated visiting hours from 9AM – 11PM (Hong Kong time). I understand that the guest limit is a maximum of 2 persons per host and I shall not exceed this limit as a host.

3. Not trespass Kwun Lung Lau.
(http://www.lapcheecollege.hku.hk/do-not-trespass-kwun-lung-lau/ click this link for more information about Kwun Lung Lau)

4. Follow a no smoking, no drunkeness and no public disturbance policy in Lap-Chee College and/or Jockey Club Student Village III campus.

5. Understand that the high table dinner is compulsory and hence adhere to this rule accordingly. In any circumstance where I am not able to attend a high table dinner, I shall give prior notice of absence to the college with valid proof.

6. Not, nor permit my guests, to enter or use opposite gender washrooms.

7. Not, nor permit my guests to be on opposite gender floors outside the stipulated visiting hours from 9AM – 11PM (Hong Kong time).

8. Never harass another student or guest at Lap-Chee College. This includes sexual harassment, bullying, verbal/psychological assault or any irresponsible behaviour.

9. Respect the privacy of other residents and guests of the college. I understand that taking photos/videos in private areas such as the college washrooms or other students’ rooms, is strictly prohibited.

10. Not intentionally or recklessly cause any damage to property of the college, residents or guests.

11. Abide by all the laws of Hong Kong (e.g. prohibition of theft, physical assault, harassment/intimidation, violent/death threats, invasions of privacy). I understand that any breach of the law shall be referred to the police where appropriate.

12. Live and behave responsibility (e.g. keeping my environment clean, attending floor meetings, obeying college authorities and maintaining positive interactions with other residents) with other residents during my stay at Lap-Chee College.

If I break any of the rules above, I shall accept the consequences of my actions as directed by the
disciplinary committee.