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Fees and Charges – Jockey Club Student Village III

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General Information

1. The College charges described below apply to students who are residential members of Shun Hing College, Chi Sun College, Lap-Chee College and New College in Jockey Club Student Village III.

2. Lodging charge is payable in respect of the residential year 2024-2025.  Residence is permitted from 12:00 noon of 21 August 2024 and continue until 12:00 noon of 30 May 2025 subject to payment of the necessary charges.  Residency before or after the mentioned period should be subject to further application/ admission and payment of specified rate determined based on the length of stay. However, success of such application is not guaranteed.

Rate of Lodging Charge

3. The rates are reviewed annually and may be varied at the University’s absolute discretion.

4. The charges for 2024-2025, subject to final approval by the University Council, are shown below for reference:

Postgraduate Undergraduate
Single Room HK$52,551.00 HK$37,368.00
Double Room HK$42,704.00 HK$28,333.00

5. The lodging charge covers special functions such as High Table Dinners but does not cover electricity consumption for air-conditioning in the student bedrooms and usage of laundry facilities, which students must pay separately by students using stored-value cards.

Payment Instructions

6. Payment of the said charges should be settled in accordance with the instructions given by the Director of Finance. Failure to pay the charges by the due date could result in denied residency and a requirement to leave the College within 7 days; and students may additionally be subject to a surcharge in accordance with the General Regulations.  Lodging charge, once paid, is not refundable.

7. Lodging charge for 2024-2025 shall be payable in two instalments as follows:

Room Type Instalment Amount
Postgraduate Undergraduate
Single Room 1st instalment HK$24,785.00 HK$17,624.00
2nd instalment HK$27,766.00 HK$19,744.00
Double Room 1st instalment HK$20,141.00 HK$13,363.00
2nd instalment HK$22,563.00 HK$14,970.00

(Last Updated: June 2024)

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