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Message from the President

To Serve and To Lead

message_from_the_presidentThe Jockey Club Student Village III — Shun Hing College, Chi Sun College, Lap-Chee College, and New College — represents the shared values of the University and its benefactors. The four Colleges are a welcome addition to the 15 residential halls, colleges, and residences previously in place to accommodate 4,500 students.

The Colleges are culturally diversified learning communities. Presently home to 1,800 students, the Colleges have a balanced mix of undergraduates and postgraduates, which include international, Mainland China, and local students. The Colleges have a strong sense of identity and an emphasis on contributions to society. Each Residential College also has its own mission, motto, and character, and its members will have lifelong bonds after graduation.

The University is immensely grateful to The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for having established the first, second, and now the third student village at HKU. Shun Hing College, Chi Sun College, and New College are named in recognition of the generous gifts from Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund, Simatelex Charitable Foundation, and The Tung Foundation respectively. They are long-time supporters of the University and of education. The Chinese names of these three Colleges embody the virtues of trust and integrity, innovation and advancement, renewal and perfection — echoing the missions of the University.

Yet another College was named after the immediate past Vice-Chancellor Professor Lap-Chee Tsui. The naming was proposed by a group of alumni and friends who, while making a gift to support University development, wished to also honour Professor Tsui, and he graciously agreed to lend his name. I am sure you will agree that this was a most appropriate way to recognise Professor Tsui’s stellar service to the University.

So once again let us applaud our benefactors who are joining with us to nurture the next generation of leaders. The Village and four Colleges were made possible by donations totalling HK$450 million in support of University development, including further learning opportunities for students and service to the community.

Throughout HKU’s history, it has been the benefactors’ magnanimous acts of generosity that have helped make it the great institution that it is today.

Yours faithfully,
Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor